At Eviexa, we strive to put you in control over your customer contacts, and we believe that you can achieve this by proactively listen to your internal and external customers. We think that it is of utmost importance to be where the customer is or even ahead, so that the customer receives the service he or she deserves. Our idea is to help you with the right support in your contact with customers and coworkers.

We have divided our business areas in the following three categories:

What do your customers actually think? How can you improve and participate in business development and involve the customer? Our tools can help you!
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CSI - Customer Satisfaction Index

CSI gives you a metric of how customers experience your service/services and is generally a very good tool for both management and individual units within the organization, to determine areas for improvement.

Eviexa Eye™ supports multiple channels and can be used for automated phone calls or SMS. The tool can also easily measure customer satisfaction in social media like for example Facebook and Twitter.

You choose what and how many questions that are important to your business. We provide support and guide you in the setup process to create a customized and simple solution.

Response time

NPS - Net Promoter Score

With Net Promoter Score® you can identify unhappy customers and get a chance to improve. You can also find happy ambassadors and let them do the marketing for you. You even get a chance to listen to the critics about what they think is wrong.

Who are passive, and why? What can be made to make more people satisfied?

This method is based on the "ultimate" question:
"Would you recommend this company's product or service to a friend or a colleague?"

The question is asked through a survey that the customer can answer on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 means not at all likely and 10 means very likely. Depending on what the customers answer, they are divided into three categories:

0 - 6 = "Critics" or "Detractors"
7 - 8 = "Passives"
9 - 10 = "Ambassadors" or "Promoters"

“Only 10% of unhappy customers complain, the rest silently change to a competitor”
NPS® and Net Promoter Score® are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld and Satmetrix Systems, Inc.

Customer Effort

Effort is a survey that measures loyalty and gives you an opportunity to understand how much effort your customers believe is required in order to perform a request or buy your product/service. This survey is based on a single question:
"How much effort did you personally have to put forth to (get the issue resolved)?

Delivery and project follow-up

With delivery and project follow-up, it is possible to keep track of the delivery of a performed service/project or delivered product. It is important to have an overview of the "customer corridor". Usually, many different people and stakeholders are involved from beginning to end and this service gives you a receipt of the delivery.

Adherence program

With a customized adherence program, your customers or patients gets an opportunity for an extra service, such as reminders but also ability for them to evaluate their well-being or how they experience a service. By using this service, you get great possibilities to work proactively and focusing on customers' actual needs. It has a big impact on loyalty and satisfaction metrics.

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Feeling the pulse of your employees is very important for the development of the company on more than one level. Let us show you a simple way of doing this!
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ESI - Employee Satisfaction Index

To meet customer expectations it is important to actively and continuously work with employee surveys in real time.

Eviexa's ESI feels the pulse of your business and lets you monitor the development, so that you all together can take decisions about the next step. By exposing everyone's opinion you create engagement and a will to work towards common objectives and results.

Based on the survey results you get data to support the creation of action plans with prioritized actions to improve your company's work climate.

Catch The Idea

This is the whole company's common tool to register ideas to drive the business forward and by doing so exceed customer expectations. The tool is available to everyone and it is possible to monitor the number of ideas and categories over time.

Sickness absence

This is a fully automated portal showing status for sickness absence in real time. The tool does not only give you a good overview on the current situation, but also historically.

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Our coaching tool supports all employees in the organization and can be used in the whole process, from setting up objectives to creating action plans.
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Eviexa Coaching Tool

Eviexa's coaching tool supports the whole coaching process. The tool helps coaches and coworkers to succeed, and working with coaching becomes easier when everything is located at the same place. The availability makes it a natural part of the daily improvement work.

Coaching is an excellent way of helping managers and coworkers to help streamlining work processes, develop communication and leadership skills or find new career paths.

The coaching tool supports four steps in the process:

  1. Planning
  2. Preparation
  3. Execution / Documentation
  4. Follow-up and reporting

Purpose of the coaching tool:

  • Simplifies and gives excellent support in the coaching process.
  • A common place for employees and coaches to set objectives and define individual action plans.
  • Enables the execution through simplicity and availability.
  • You can upload recordings or other files for evaluation/review.

Eviexa's coaching tool gives you:

  • More effective coaching by supporting the execution and administration.
  • Increased employee engagement and understanding of their objectives and role.
  • Enables continuity with regards to follow-ups and coaching which leads to happier customers and coworkers.

We can also offer other services to simplify coaching, like for example possibilities to record calls and screen to track customer handling.

Want to know more? Contact me! Fredrik Swartswe, CEO
What kind of information do you need from patient groups? Would you like to collect patient data, or conduct automated and effective follow-ups?
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Multiple channels

Use the same tool with multiple different channels - SMS, phone calls, e-mail etc.

Real time

All information is gathered in real time to give accurate business metrics.


Compare agents and teams with each other and find correlations between data.


Individual follow-up and feedback creates more satisfied customers and coworkers.

About us


Eviexa should be the natural choice for improving customer relations and creating more satisfied and loyal customers.

Our vision is to have the customer in the center, for real! We believe that we can achieve this by making companies proactively work together with customers and coworkers, in the present.

We call it Customer Intelligence.

How we work

Eviexa is a Swedish company delivering information and communication services over the Internet on a global market together with support and consulting, i.e. cloud services.

We do not apply any contract time and the business model is dynamic. Our services are based on simplicity which enables you to get started directly. No installations or investments in hardware or software is needed.

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